GROWTH FACTOR: protein that signals cells to grow or differentiate


Your Internal balance and equilibrium are the hallmark of homeostasis. Environmental stressors, chemical imbalance, lack of physical activity, and poor nutrition play a significant role in your overall wellbeing. Cell to Cell signaling gets interrupted when these factors are not aligned, causing inflammation and an abnormal immune response that leads to disease.

The main difference between the different categories of signaling is the distance that the signal travels through the organism to reach the target cell. For example, paracrine signaling acts on nearby cells, endocrine signaling uses the circulatory system for full body cell to cell communication.

EVO HYBRID helps restore and improve your internal wellness by reducing inflammation, regenerating tissue, lengthening telomeres, stimulating neuronal growth, modulating the immune response, and other important factors contributing to homeostasis, longevity, and quality of life.

Comparison of EVO HYYBRID™ vs PRP

It is well known that the number of stem cells and their efficacy dramatically decline as we age, along with our ability to repair, rebuild and regenerate tissue.